A Guide To Wines For Parties of Any Occasion

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which wines when the bookery cook

Whether it’s a holiday party or gathering at any other time of the year, one thing holds true for me: I’m bringing wine. So what wines do I like to bring to a (potentially) festive occasion? Well I’m glad you asked. I had the rare and distinct pleasure to dispense my thoughts on this topic via a most stupendous blog, The Bookery Cook. If you love the confluence of art, music, and food, this blog from the keen minds of three Australian sisters is for you. And I cannot stress this enough: BUY THEIR BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOK, ART TO EAT. (Details below.)

Situations covered? Wines for:

  • Hanging with your pals.
  • Impressing your boss.
  • Making gloomy family gatherings less grim.
  • Quiet time with your significant other. (Or just you and a burrito.)

Which of these four scenarios elicited this description? “You stroll in cradling 1.5 litres of wine like it was a royal baby, set it on the table, and bask in your awesomeness.” Find out by reading…

Which Wines When?

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Thanks to Maxine Thompson for not one but two opportunities to be on the blog. And to Georgie Thompson for the awesome graphic design work. This is going to have to me my Facebook profile image at some point. Also, I never looked better.

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