What’s the best process for tasting wine?

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I’ve been answering wine queries on the question and answer site Quora. I’ll share some of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked and, of course, my answers. I limit myself to spending a couple minutes on each response, not doing any research or “cheating.” I rely on my experience and opinion, which is probably not a bad way handle most things.

Question: What’s the best process for tasting wine?


  • Swirl
  • Smell
  • Sip
  • (Spit)

The fourth one is optional, but if you are tasting a lot of wines, you’ll be glad you did. I’d also advise you not to be swayed by what others say a wine tastes like or feel like you’re “wrong” for not finding x, y, or z in the wine. Go with your gut.

It’s also good to keep track of the grape, producer, and region because then you start learning how wines are similar and distinct based on where they come from and who made it.

Photo by Leon Brocard via Flickr.

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