Blanquette de Limoux Loves Salty Snacks

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blanquette de limoux

If you know me at all, you know I love bubbles and salty snacks. There’s a particular French sparkler called Blanquette de Limoux that’s cheap and cheerful; perfect for wiling away an afternoon. It’s from the region of Limoux, which is the south part of France. Did you know they’ve been making bubbles in Limoux for almost 500 years? Damn. Naturally, monks were involved with nascent sparkling wine production in the 16th Century. Way before they were making it even in the hallowed grounds of Champagne.

blanquette de limouxI drank this, along with some almonds sauteed in olive oil with a nice sprinkling of sea salt, at Le Pichet in Seattle. It’s a place I love for its available quiet afternoon moments at the bar between the rush and bustle of lunch and dinner. I am also particularly fond of their all-French wine list. Le Pichet is 100% Frenchified! And the aforementioned Blanquette de Limoux happens to be the Domaine de Martinolles “Le Berceau”; a particular favorite. Like all wines with “Blanquette de Limoux” on the label, it’s going to be made up of mostly Mauzac. Though a grape without the sizzle of Chardonnay, or name recognition, it does what it’s supposed to: give its all to make some refreshing bubbles. Cheers to midday Mauzac!

So whether you are enjoying Champagne and popcorn or Blanquette de Limoux and almonds, don’t forget that salty snack and bubbles are heavenly together, any time of the day.

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  1. champys and salt & vinegar crips, that’s the way to rock …

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