Can You Warm Up Your Winter With White Wine?

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Snow dayCan’t blame this cat for hesitating to go outside. It’s dreary and rainy here in Seattle, though thankfully not apocalyptically cold like in other parts of the country. This is the time when, wine-wise, you look to warm up with the deepest and richest of reds. Or perhaps a glass of fortified wine, like Port? Hey, maybe it’s time to break out the hard stuff, perhaps some bourbon. A Manhattan by the fire? Sounds pretty good to me.

But I have a confession to make. Even in the dead of winter, I’m still enjoying white wine. Regularly. I do, however, ramp up the richness when it comes to my selections.

Today I turn to Priorat, a wine region in Spain that’s not too far from Barcelona. It is a rugged, harsh land best known for producing red wines that are intense and richly saturated with flavor. But lets focus on an example of the less-heralded white wines of the area:

black slate wine

White Wine/Black Slate

2012 Conreria d’Scala Dei Black Slate La Morena Blanc

That name is kind of a mouthful, huh? Just ask for the Black Slate white wine. It’s mostly Grenache Blanc with a touch of Pedro Ximenez. It’s like a summer white that put on an extra layer for the winter. Surprisingly, it’s unoaked, but it gets some extra body from sitting on its lees for a while. No, not its knees. Lees. Which are leftover grape and yeast solids that, when hanging out in contact with the juice for a spell, give the finished wine extra creamy deliciousness.

Check out my visit to Barcelona and Priorat. Where I discovered two more winter-worthy white wines.

Should be around twenty bucks. Would be great with crab or mac and cheese. Dare I say with crab mac and cheese? Also would pair nicely with a comfy chair and a content cat in your lap.

Cat image courtesy BellaLago.

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  2. Miquel Hudin says:

    The White Grenache wines from Priorat truly are whites for red drinkers. Sometimes they’re even a bit too strong and need to be cut a bit with a blend of Macabeu. Still good and some of my favorite whites out there often.

    Vinologue Priorat

    • Jameson Fink says:


      You are preaching to the choir when it comes to white wines from the Priorat. I’ve had the Morlanda Blanca, which has a little Macabeo added for freshness. Also, I checked out Vinologue. Wonderful photography, and glad to see you cover Stellenbosch. It’s one of the most breathtaking wine regions I’ve been to.



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