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A Creative Agency Critiques Wine Labels

I’ve written quite a bit about wine labels, particularly in a (sporadic) “Label Lust” series. My experience as a retail wine buyer definitely comes into play here. When I looked at wines good enough to buy in bulk for display, not only did the label have to be good, but also THE BOX IT CAME IN. [More]

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Three North Fork Long Island Summer Wines

I spent a delightfully relaxing weekend at a friend’s home in Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island over Memorial Day weekend. Naturally, there was wine. Here are few highlights in the form of a white, a rosé, and a red wine. What unites these three? All low in alcohol, in the 11-13% range. [More]

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A Liter of Italian Rosé Perfect for Tacos

My idea of retail therapy involves a new pair of addidas and an Italian rosé (rosato)  that I’ve never drank before in in a big one-liter bottle. To know me is to know I have a thing for 1L bottles. They make the “normal” 750ml bottle seem so sad. Who wouldn’t want an extra third of [More]

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Corsican Rosé at Pizzeria Otto

Hot damn, look at this beauty from Pizzeria Otto. I was briefly in Portland, Oregon, and wanted to check out this place since it came highly recommended from my pals Mary and Sean. I was overnighting at their house and it’s not too far away so perfect, right? (Confidential to Mary and Sean: Left you a [More]

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Get to Know Cabernet Franc at Taste Washington

How do you survive and thrive at an event like Taste Washington, happening this weekend (Saturday and Sunday…but there are also events Thursday and Friday) in Seattle? (BTW I’ll be there Saturday, sporting a media pass.) You walk in the door with a well-thought out plan of attack. Can you taste everything? No. Should you [More]

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Wine and Opera: Puccini with Bordeaux, Mozart with Chablis

One of the many things I love about wine is discovering the stories behind the people who ultimately decided to dedicate their lives to it. Like Jessica Certo. She went from being an opera singer to a sommelier in New York City. I interviewed her over the phone recently, and she revealed: The wine that [More]

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Wine on Airlines: Will Ferrell, Graham Greene, and Sekt on Lufthansa

Wine on airlines? My typical perspective: nothing like having a captive audience to make the unremarkable palatable. Recently I flew Lufthansa on an international flight (to head to Spain on a sponsored trip with Segura Viudas) and was impressed with a couple offerings. The first was a French white wine, the 2011 Reserve de la [More]

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Buckle Up for the Seattle Wine and Food Experience

What, you didn’t go to the Seattle Wine and Food Experience last year? I was there, pouring wine for Finnriver Farm and Cidery. Then I clocked out, put on my Foodista reporter’s hat, and got to work eating and drinking. Here were some of the highlights: Five Delicious Pacific Northwest Wines Five Great Bites The [More]

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