Label Lust: Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling

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sokol blossor evolution sparklingThe playful side of Oregon’s historic Sokol Blosser winery comes out in this Evolution Sparkling label. A new release in its popular lineup of red and white, this sparkling wine especially gives me Label Lust when you peruse not the front of the bottle but rather the rear.

It pleases me to view a back label simple and useful (yet clever and appealing), rendered in a no-nonsense, engaging manner. Certainly a break from what I’m used to reading. You know, along the lines of:

Hints of sandalwood on the nose sail on through a finish redolent of the morning dew upon a freshly-mown lavender field.

Evolution Sparkling is the antidote to the esoteric world of wine descriptors. Showcasing the versatility of sparkling wine as well as letting you know that its not just for celebratory events or fine dining, it covers the gamut of cuisine from happy hour to haute. And though the back label does say that it’s off-dry, you’ll find Evolution Sparkling has enough lively refreshment that the sweetness is only a suggestion, not the main story.

In tribute to the ethos of this back label, I’d pair this wine with tater tots or an olive oil-poached tuna salad.

I must note that I first tasted the Evolution Sparkling at Sokol Blosser’s impressive new tasting room, designed by Allied Works Architecture. I was there as an invited member of the media to witness a fantastic event bringing together chefs and farmers: Bounty of the County. Anyhoo, here’s a peek at the tasting bar:

evolution sparkling Sokol Blossor Winery

Sit down in a comfy chair and enjoy a glass of Evolution Sparkling.

They also have these swoon-worthy custom wine glass holders for when you order a flight:

Sokol Blossor Winery

Note: Not my umbrella. At least, you can’t prove it is. Hey, the sun was intense that day.

The view outside’s pretty sweet, too:

Sokol Blossor Winery

And, OK, I have a bit of Label Lust for the front as well. Please note that this is not the first time I have declared Label Lust for an Oregon Wine. The last wine to do so was a Pinot Noir from Chehalem.

So what would you write under “Your reason to celebrate”?

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Evolution Sparkling

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