My New Wine Segment on the Snacky Tunes Podcast

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Snacky Tunes Podcast

I’m a huge fan of the podcast that talks about food and talks about music, Snacky Tunes. So I was absolutely delighted when asked to submit a monthy wine segment for the show. And my first one is now available! I focus on red wines you can chill and enjoy all summer long. So dig learning about chillable reds:

Also on this episode:

  • Go deep into Project 258, a cookbook from Hudson Valley, NY restaurant Fish & Game. Chef Zakary Pelaccio and author, photographer and illustrator Peter Barett stop by.
  • A live, in-studio performance by New York City electro pop singer Julietta of her single, “Runaway.” It’s perfect for your summer dance parties, according to show hosts (and brothers) Greg and Darren Bresnitz.

Don’t forget my previous appearences on Snacky Tunes, where I talk about the best restaurants in the country for wine and the top global travel destinations for wine lovers.

And for Wine Enthusiast, find out four grapes that make wines perfect to dunk in an ice bucket or stash in a fridge.


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