Headed to Portugal: Boats, Trains and Planes

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Greetings from the Newark Liberty International Airport, good ol’ EWR. I’m waiting to board a flight to Lisbon then Porto for a media trip sponsored by Symington Family Estates.

It’s my first visit to Portugal in (gasp!) six years. What will I be doing while I’m there? I’m glad you asked.

The terraced vineyards of Quinta do Tua, party of Symington Family Estates.

The lovely terraces of Quinta do Tua / Photo via Graham’s Port

My first full day (Monday) I’ll be visiting Cockburn’s Port Lodge. It’s the only Port place that still makes its own barrels. I’ll be checking out Cockburn’s on-site cooperage. Roll out the barrels!

Next is a visit to Graham’s 1890 Lodge for a tasting of the 2016 vintage.

Starting Tuesday, vineyard visits to Quinta do Tua and Quinta dos Malvedos. Then one of my all-time favorite experiences. Not just wine, but everything. It’s a boat cruise along the Douro, gazing at the inspiring terraced vineyards and more, to Quinta de Roriz. Then back on the boat to set a course for a vertical tasting of Quinta dos Malvedos Port from multiple decades.

Wednesday brings a stop at  Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira and Cockburn’s Quinta dos Canais. Then another boat to Quinta do Vesuvio.

Now things get really interesting. After dinner, we are treading in the lagares. As in stomping grapes. This is actually something I’ve never done before.

I heard a story from someone that there are wine people who like to wear white trousers while they do it so they come back with custom-dyed purple Port pants. Hmm. I already have purple pants and I can’t see ever owning white pants in my life so I’ll pass. (Now, white t-shirts? That’s a different matter.) But I will stomp.

Thursday brings more boats (!!!!) at we float to Quinta do Bomfim, then a train to Porto. Dinner will be our final hurrah.

I’ll be on IG and stories so follow along.

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