A Return to Golden Paramount Seafood for Dim Sum in Richmond, BC

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Was I ever excited for an encore visit to Golden Paramount Seafood for dim sum in Richmond, British Columbia. I was on a Chinese food adventure with other eager eaters from the world of writing courtesy of Tourism Richmond. It is no exaggeration to say: We. Ate. So. Much. For the love of noodles*, we had three (!) lunches the first day.

golden paramount seafood richmond

Beer, fried oysters, white t-shirts. All my favorite things at Golden Paramount Seafood. (2013 visit.)

What I loved about my prior trip to Golden Paramount was it had a much more laid-back atmosphere than some of the more palatially-sized dim sum spots in Richmond. I’ll admit: the older I get, the more I abhor two things: Waiting in line and crowds. (We got there at 10:30am sharp, right when Golden Paramount opened.) So take what I say with a grain of salt.

Did I indulge in a favorite dish of my prior visit? You bet I had the crispy fried oysters with green chiles. Sadly, no repeat appearance of a cold beer. Taking into account our early arrival, I demurred to the members of the group drinking tea and water.

Our gathering of eaters included a Seattle contingent as well as Canadians from BC and beyond. Special guests included Lee Man, judge for the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, the Chinese Restaurant Awards, and our COO (Chief Ordering Organizer). Also pulling up a chair? Marc Smith of 30 Day Adventures. (Link goes to Marc’s recap.)

Our table was groaning under the weight of all we ordered. Here are some of the highlights, starting top left and going clockwise. (Random thought that someone recently shared with me: Will people know what clockwise means in twenty years?)

golden paramount seafood richmond bc

The Fab Four. Though, actually, there were probably a Fab Ten at Golden Paramount Seafood.

  • Steamed dumplings with crab meat: So delicate and fragile, to extract them from their steamed perch required the steady, careful hands of a brain surgeon. But even when yours breaks apart, still ethereal and elegant.
  • Spring rolls filled with daikon: Shatteringly crispy and simple. The best and most surprising part? You dip them in Worcestershire sauce. This would probably be one of the best things ever with a cold beer. (Sigh.) Or possibly a rich Champagne?
  • Bean curd with pea tips: Soft and silky with some snappy, addictive greens.
  • Tripe: Very clean-tasting and tasty.

A couple of other dishes that need to be mentioned? Sweet and sour pork as well as fried rice that redeem memories of sticky sweet glop and soy sauce-drowned salt licks, respectively. There were also some excellent pan-fried pork dumplings.

OK, so now I have to take a nap! Wait, actually there was no sleep for the sated. More food adventures in Richmond, BC, await. Stay tuned. To tide you over, please check out the details of my 2013 visit:

Six Hours of Eating in Richmond, BC: Dim Sum, The Crispiest Pork, and a Bakery Run

Speaking of that adventure in 2013, Jay Friedman of Gastrolust along with food and drink scribe Sonja Groset were again along for the ride.

*Oh, don’t forget to order noodles. And the water chestnut jelly for dessert. What, you don’t have room for dessert?

Looking for a sparkling wine from British Columbia that would be wonderful with your dim sum? Go Haywire.

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6 Responses

  1. I can just imagine all that food on the table!! I also hate waiting in lines.

  2. Kirsten says:

    I know when in Japanese restaurants at the opening hour, you witness a cool ceremony with chanting and stuff. Yeah, I’m real eloquent–but every Todai I’ve been to, to eat my age in all you can eat sushi, I’ve been there when the place opened for the day and the ceremony was the same.

    I am now jonesing for dim sum thanks to these photos and your description, though water chestnut jelly doesn’t sound appealing.
    Shatteringly crisp, though–that I want in my mouth.

  3. Fun fact: I’ve never had dim sum. I’m terrified to go in without knowing where to begin. I totally need a COO to lead the way!

  4. Morten says:

    We do love seafood and this looks all great!

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