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Natural Wine For The People: Thoughts on the Book

A wine list that’s a thoughtfully chosen, slender guide can bring as much pleasure as an overstuffed tome, and it’s certainly easier to navigate. This was one of the thoughts running through my head while perusing a review copy of Natural Wine For The People by Alice Feiring. The book serendipitously arrived after a coworker [More]

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Food Photography Philosophy From Leigh Beisch

Do you have an emotional connection with lychee? How about when it’s in your wine? I hadn’t given it that much thought until I got a review copy of The Essence of Wine┬áto check out on my tablet. The words are provided by Vinography’s Alder Yarrow and the beautiful photos by Photographer Leigh Beisch. It’s [More]

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Get to Know The Authors of “The World of Sicilian Wine”

Much of the joy that comes from visiting a part of the world I love is getting to meet like-minded people along the way who enrich my experience. This was most definitely the case in Sicily, when on the final day of a recent stay I got some quality lunch and dinnertime conversation in with [More]

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