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Natural Wine For The People: Thoughts on the Book

A wine list that’s a thoughtfully chosen, slender guide can bring as much pleasure as an overstuffed tome, and it’s certainly easier to navigate. This was one of the thoughts running through my head while perusing a review copy of Natural Wine For The People by Alice Feiring. The book serendipitously arrived after a coworker [More]

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Two Books About Rosé Wine

Back in the stone age when I began drinking dry rosé, if you told me there was a book about pink wine I would have questioned your sanity. So I’m a bit gobsmacked that this year I can recommend not one but two books about rosé. You can hear me opine about them during my segment [More]

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Considering Champagne in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

I’ve been pondering this passage from Ernest Hemingway’s seminal Lost Generation novel, The Sun Also Rises. Here are my thoughts: “I say that is wine.” Thank you, Brett. For many, Champagne exists in a separate category from wine. People think of it as a special outlier. You can listen to my conversation with David Speer, [More]

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