Wine Photo Tips: Get The Best Out of People and Places

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richard duval vineyard photographyYou may remember Photographer Richard Duval from a previous post on how to make, as he likes to say, “memories, not mug shots” when taking photos of people. With my interest piqued to explore the topic more, we met up at Barrage Cellars (thanks, Kevin) in Woodinville, Washington (where Richard is currently exhibiting some unique photos) to record an episode of my Wine Without Worry podcast.

So how about three simple things to remember, even if you’re just shooting with your smart phone, that will make your vineyard photos distinguish themselves beyond the typical “I was there” point/shoot/move on technique. Here you go, via Richard:

  • Slow Down
  • Get Low
  • Get Close

Also discussed? The first photo Richard sold and how that catapulted him into pursuing photography on a professional basis. (Spoiler alert: It involved wildflowers.)

Read Richard’s detailed post about Wine Country photography on Grape Collective.

And though Richard takes numerous photos on a variety of subjects (as you’ll see below), he’s carved out quite a niche for himself in the world of wine, particularly here in Washington.

Additionally, I also shoehorn in some recommendations on vintages in Washington, specifically my thoughts on 2009 versus 2011.

Finally, in a moment of pathetic insecurity, I  ask Richard not to photograph my visible bald spot.

One thing about all these photos that’s unique? Normally Richard isn’t one to undertake much post-production work, but here he’s “indulged” himself and done something a bit different: adjusting color, manipulating detail. Furthermore, you really appreciate these photos in person as each image is printed on metallic-coated paper fused to an aluminum sheet. (Shout-out to Seattle’s The Color Group for the printing.) As the light changes in the room, and while you stroll around, the images become altered in a most hypnotic way. Sip on some wine from Barrage Cellars and watch the perspective shift before your eyes.

Now give your ears some shifting perspectives. Listen to the show:

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All photos courtesy Richard Duval. Find out more about Richard and his work:

Duval Images
Vine Lines

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