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What Red Wine Pairs With Salmon?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, pairing salmon with Oregon Pinot Noir is a big thing. And a good thing. (Hi, Martha.) But can you consider, for a moment, an alternative? Red Wine For Salmon? Try Beaujolais Go Gamay, go! I love you so. The grape that makes the wonderful red wines of Beaujolais is so choice. [More]

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2012 Raisins Gaulois: Just Add an Ice Bucket

What, red wine in the summer? From the rosé freak? Yes, when it’s the 2012 Raisins Gaulois. Created in Beaujolais at the legendary Domaine Marcel Lapierre, it’s a light and lively red wine that is a perfect partner for an ice bucket. I’m not saying cool it down to arctic temperatures, but with a nice [More]

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Underrated: Aprons and Beaujolais Blanc

Hand me an apron and a glass of Beaujolais Blanc! Aren’t you looking for a Chardonnay made in a refreshing, non-outrageous style? While on a trip sponsored by Wines of France, with a three-night stop in Beaujolais, I was a little surprised that the first two out of three wines I enjoyed from this storied [More]

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Gruner Veltliner, Beaujolais, PBR, and Japandroids

Sometimes an evening takes you different places, both literally and emotionally. From contemplative and convivial to sweaty and swagger-y all in the short span of a few hours. And with beverages to match. Last night began with a group of friends and fellow enjoyers-of-wine highlighted by a duo of magnums from the 2010 vintage. Nothing [More]

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Beaujolais and Purity

It has been a while since I had a Beaujolais; all of the recent Nouveau-inspired events reminded me how real Beaujolais is still underappreciated. But when you live by the Nouveau, you die by the Nouveau. Real Beaujolais are some of the most charming, drinkable, and pleasurable wines in the world. Nothing reminded more of [More]

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