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A Bloody Mary For People Who Don’t Like Them

I’ve never been a big fan of the Bloody Mary. The classic brunch cocktail, in the sad guises I’ve had it, was often full of gloppy tomato juice and mix, seasoned and garnished with an everybody in the pool, XTREME!!! flavor overload. This all changed when I took a class at Astor Center in New York [More]

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How to Make Celery Juice Delicious

Celery juice. Probably not the sexiest drink. How do you jazz it up? Add booze, naturally. I had a delightful brunch at Northern Spy in the East Village, including this drink: Celery Tonic Cocchi Americano, Dolin dry vermouth, celery juice, lemon Uh, yum! I must also mention the food is great. Whoever is cooking eggs [More]

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Cava Cocktail: Best Brunch Drink in Portland Oregon

Sure the Bloody Mary gets all the pub, but you should seriously consider a Cava cocktail to accompany your next brunch. While staying in Portland, Oregon, I was a short (but rainy) stroll away from Irving Street Kitchen in the Pearl District. It was here that I enjoyed this brunch-tastic cocktail, named “What She’s Having“. [More]

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Sparkling Wine Cocktails: Lessons From Sun Liquor’s Erik Chapman

Is your sparkling wine cocktail repertoire confined to mimosas? Do not fret! Meet Erik Chapman, Head Distiller and Operations Manager at Seattle’s Sun Liquor. He’s also a heck of a bartender. Chapman joins me on the Wine Without Worry podcast to share his thoughts and advice on how to get creative making cocktails with a [More]

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An Easy Mulled Wine Recipe That’s An Aphrodisiac With a Twist

The only thing better than meeting Mark Sexauer on a recent gloomy and chilling evening was to sample his mulled wine. It banished memories of of sickly sweet, unbalanced, and nearly unpalatable versions I’ve had the displeasure of sampling in the past. He was kind enough to share his easy mulled wine recipe, and answer a few [More]

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Cognac Cocktails For Savoring Fall Evenings

Summer’s long gone in Seattle, OK? I do not mourn the passage of time and seasons. Instead, I celebrate. How? By shifting my beverage style and preference towards Cognac cocktails. This is one (of many) reasons why I’m fond of the new book Savory Cocktails by my friend Greg Henry. Ulysses Press was kind enough [More]

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5 Creative Cocktails That Awesomely Transform Wine

Sure, it’s getting easier and easier to find creative cocktails wherever you go. But how many of them use wine as a component? Yeah, a mimosa is great. And I’ll gladly drink my share during brunch. (GLADLY AND WITH ROBUST PLEASURE.) So what would be the results of challenging a bartender to use wine when [More]

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Red Wine on a Hot Summer Day? There’s Only One Way

I thought I’d never drink red wine on a hot summer day until I walked into Sun Liquor Lounge in Seattle and asked their ace bar manager, Chelsea, to make me something with Mezcal. The refreshing, well-chilled cocktail she came up with sneaks in some red wine in the form of a artful float atop [More]

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