Domaine Tempier Rosé 2017 is a Legendary Bottle

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Much time has passed since I last had one of the world’s most iconic wines. It’s not just legendary, but vital year after year. I’m talking about the Domaine Tempier Rosé. Yesterday I enjoyed a bottle as it is best enjoyed (outside of southern France, at least): with a friend over a great, leisurely lunch.

A bottle of Domaine Tempier rosé at Scampi in New York.Since I apparently can’t stop writing about rosé, I’m going to soldier on until I have scoured the earth for all the unique bottles of dry pink wine I can find. The 2017 Domaine Tempier Rosé has the extra richness you’d expect from a Bandol along with some more pronounced and delightful aromas than your average bland-o pink wine.

It’s a blend of 55% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 20% Cinsault. I would say it’s the Mourvèdre that really pulls its weight in the flavor and scent departments.

Also a huge shout-out to Scampi. It’s an outstanding restaurant, perfect for lunch. Especially when you roll in at 2pm and it’s nice and quiet and you can sit at the bar with a friend. And speaking of friends, I’m lucky to have a good buddy of mine who I worked with at Bottlehouse in Seattle on the staff.

If you are in NYC for restaurant week, you get two courses here for $26. The food was outstanding.

Salad with savoy cabbage (shaved raw), ricotta salata, almonds, tomato, olives:

Cabbage Salad

Branzino with (amazing) cippolini onions, broccoli rabe, chilies:


Of course there was dessert. Perfectly jiggly panna cotta with vanilla custard, peaches, pine nuts, raspberry & peach granita:

panna cotta

Finally, two tiny, perfectly crisp cannoli with chocolate chip ricotta cream. How about the beautiful plate they came on?


So if you can’t drink it at the domaine, Scampi on a quiet afternoon is a dang fantastic substitute. We were even joined at the bar by someone very much a Manhattanite, noting nothing would compel her to go to Brooklyn now that she didn’t have a car. (Cabs and subways are, apparently, not an option.) She stepped out often for two puffs on her cigarette. I could have listened to her all day long, and wish I would have spoken to her more than I did. No doubt she has a ton of New York stories.

The HQ where Domaine Tempier Rosé is made.

Domaine Tempier photo from Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant website.

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