Six Dollar Hungarian Gruner Veltliner from Trader Joe’s and White Pepper

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six dollar hungarian gruner veltliner trader joe'sGruner Veltliner from Austria has long been a grape that produces some of my favorite, everyday white wines. But a Hungarian Gruner Veltliner? That was new to me. Every now and then I have to tip my hat to Trader Joe’s for bringing me something unique and under ten dollars.

The 2010 Floriana Gruner Veltliner is not going to roll your socks up and down, but for the price it’s hard to beat. A quite simple, dry white wine that, well-chilled, would be great for parties or to stock up on for all your porch-pounding wine needs. I dig the back label, too, which I think tells you everything you need to know about the wine without having actually tasted it. Just the facts:

Gruner Hungary Trader Joe'sThough I will admit to being confused by one part of this label, and Gruner Veltliner in general. Every single time I read something about Gruner, “white pepper” is mentioned as a signature smell and taste. What does white pepper smell/taste like? And how is it distinct from black pepper? (Best random internet answer: “Black pepper is emo white pepper.“) From what I gather, white pepper can be a little more earthy, funky, barnyard-y. But more research is necessary.

So the next time you’re at Trader Joe’s and you see a guy buying nothing but Gruner Veltliner and white pepper, be sure to say hello to me.

(Note: This six dollar price is in Seattle. Your results at the cash register may vary. Comic photo courtesy tohoscope. Comically adapted by me.)

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4 Responses

  1. wasabi prime says:

    That is an awesome wine bottle label in the making. As you uncork it, you get the bionic sound playing in the background. 😀

    • Jameson says:


      Thanks! Clearly I pose little threat to you as a graphic designer. Maybe it’s a job for you?

      Appreciate your comment. Cheers!


  2. M. J. says:

    The 2011 vintage is just as good.

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