Sparkling Rosé: 5 Under $25 To Try

Posted on: August 8th, 2016 by


I am nuts for dry rosé and sparkling wine, separately. So sparkling rosé, the culmination of two of my favorite categories of wine, really floats my boat. A la peanut butter and jelly, the duo getting together makes something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a simple equation:

Bubbles plus rosé equals wine heaven.

And please note the preeminent food-friendliness of sparkling rosé. Excellent with everything from cured meats to crudité.

I was delighted to share my passion for fine fizzy pink wine in the pages of Wine Enthusiast.

Check out these 5 go-to bottles at a nice price. Plus one splurge-worthy Champagne under $55. Which ain’t cheap, but considering rosé Champagne can approach stratospheric prices, it’s a fine deal. Split a bottle with a friend, why not? Peruse:

Spotlight on Sparkling Rosé

champange flute cakespy

Rosé Champagne flute illustration by CakeSpy

As a bonus, here are a couple more not in the magazine that are worth your time and flute:


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