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Discover Grosgrain, A Very Cool Walla Walla Winery for Fun Fizz and More

Back in October I spent five idyllic days visiting wineries in Walla Walla, Washington. It had been a few years since my last trip, so I wanted to balance visiting some favorite spots with checking out new places. Regarding the latter, at the top of my list was Grosgrain Vineyards. Was I originally lured by [More]

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Do You Know Petit Verdot?

Primarily used as a component in Bordeaux-style blends, Petit Verdot could use a champion or three. I found a trio of winemakers who take this grape beyond the blend, making it the star of the show. My first article for SevenFifty Daily takes a look at Petit Verdot through three winemakers: Kevin Morrisey, Ehlers Estate, [More]

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Considering Music and the Winery Tasting Room Experience

Do you find the tasting room experience a bit staid? Full of laminated PDFs and the drone-like reciting of a wine’s purported qualities by robotic employees. Yeah, I’ve been there. (Though, thankfully it’s the exception not the norm.) One way to bring a little sizzle to the setting? Music. It sets a mood and a tone. [More]

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Total Washington Merlot Immersion

I just got back to Seattle after touring around Red Mountain and Walla Walla Valley on a no-holds-barred Washington Merlot adventure. The photos above are of the Klipsun Vineyard on Red Mountain in Eastern Washington. (Quick non-Merlot sidebar: the vines you’re looking at are Cabernet Sauvignon, planted in 1984, and part of a pretty famous [More]

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The Elemental Pleasures of Substance Malbec

Everything about the 2009 Substance Malbec is just right: from the brilliant Periodic Table of the Elements label design (which grace the full Wines of Substance lineup) to the quality and distinctiveness of the wine for the price. When font, design, and wine come together, I plead guilty to being smitten. Though Argentina put Malbec [More]

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