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61 Intriguing Book Recommendations from Wine Drinkers

Recently I gave away a “My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels” tote on the blog. I asked people who were interested in winning to not only leaveĀ  a comment, but book recommendations as well. It warms my heart to see that so many people who read this blog also read books, possibly ones that [More]

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My Addidas Meet a Jaunty Magpie

If you have seen me in person there is a good chance that I’m wearing jeans, have a wine glass in my hand, and will probably be wearing green Addidas shoes with yellow stripes. Unbeknownst to me, my shoes struck a chord with fellow blogger Denise Sakaki while we were chatting at the recent networking [More]

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Beer Versus Wine: Where Do You Stand?

Do we live in a beer versus wine world? One where they coexist? Do you know people who love beer but eschew wine? Have nothing but praise for wine but disdain for beer? I was asked by Denise Sakaki of the charming and enthusiastic food and drink blog, Wasabi Prime, to chime in on this [More]

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