The Six Dollar Ticket to a Hungarian Gruner Veltliner Sequel

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by

trader joe's hungarian gruner veltlinerRarely is a sequel good as the original. Even rarer? When it’s better. So I’m considering the 2011 vintage of the Floriana, a Hungarian Gruner Veltliner (!), to be the The Godfather: Part II or The Empire Strikes Back of inexpensive Hungarian Gruner Veltliner. If you got a chance to read my thoughts about the 2010 version, you’d know I was a fan. Though it sold out so quickly I was full of regret for not purchasing more of this great Trader Joe’s find for six bucks. Seriously, it’s only six dollars! (Disclaimer: That’s six dollars in Seattle. Direct all feedback about pricing variance to Trader Joe’s.) Sometimes Trader Joe’s really steps up to the plate with an out-there, unique wine offering and this is definitely one of them. (I’m still haunted by the specter of an Australian Semillon that was also six bucks.)

And who doesn’t want a wine that proudly proclaims on the back label that it’s great with “finger food”?
trader joe's hungarian gruner veltliner

Original, unmodified photo of the Six Millon Dollar Man magazine courtesy tohoscope.

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  1. Grabbed a bottle of this a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it at home. $6 in PDX too, and a seriously good buy. Thought it was much more interesting on Day 2. Every now and then you find some absolutely amazing bottle there. Always a happy surprise.

  2. sippitysup says:

    Really? I hope I can find it. GREG

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