Wine Two Five Podcast Guest Appearance

Posted on: June 1st, 2018 by

Recently I was contacted to be a guest on the Wine Two Five podcast, and I was like, “Yeah! You bet.” And I’m glad I did. Because I had a delightful time chatting with cohosts Stephanie “Steph” Davis and Valerie “Val” Caruso.

Have a listen to the episode:

Items discussed:

  • The rosé in my glass.
  • Oysters and Chablis (photo: me holding a chunk o’ Chablis)
  • Wine books and education
  • Champagne flutes (duh)
  • Dating advice from a Master Sommelier


It was also really interesting to hear what Steph and Val were drinking as well. We are an eclectic lot.

My only regret was I wasn’t in Colorado recording the show in person. Maybe if I get to come back on a guest again I’ll make that happen, as I would very much like to share some wine with with these two!

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  1. Val says:

    Jameson – We loved, loved, loved our time with you! Yes, next time it should be in person. And yes, there abso-freaking-lutely should be a next time regardless! Cheers ~

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