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Argentina Beyond Malbec: A Duo from Susana Balbo Wines

I was offered sample bottles from Susana Balbo Wines in Argentina and while perusing the list a couple caught my eye. One thing I don’t want to see happen to the country as far as its wines is for it to be pegged as full of Malbec, more Malbec, and nothing but Malbec. Don’t get [More]

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Kaiken Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon: Smashing Stereotypes One Vintage at a Time

Maybe “smashing” is too strong a word, but when I sat down with Aurelio Montes Jr., winemaker for Argentina’s Kaiken Winery, he did want to make a point regarding Cabernet Sauvignon. To defy the preconception that Argentine Cabernet tends to age in a manner akin to falling off a cliff (cue Aurelio making a dramatic [More]

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A Sweet Wine From Argentina Has Me Breathing Heavy

Ok, maybe it just wasn’t a remarkably intriguing sweet wine from Argentina that had me breathing heavy. It also could have been that I was in Aspen for a spell (courtesy of a trip sponsored by Terrazas de los Andes) and trying to acclimate to being at 7,908 feet. Luckily there was some oxygen provided for [More]

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Sweet Sparkling Torrontes and White Roses

Now I can cross “sweet sparkling Torrontes” off my list of wines to try. I’ve been a fan of this aromatic grape that flourishes in Argentina, chiefly in its dry and still form. Torrontes remind me of Viognier, which can be gorgeously perfumed, but this Argentine grape makes for a lighter-style white wine. I don’t [More]

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Catena Zapata

Catena ZapataOriginally uploaded by jamesonf In Argentina there are lots of great rich reds at great prices with extremely pleasing amounts of fruit, oak, and acidity . But if you are looking for wines that will surprise insufferable old-world, French wine snobs (like myself), you need to try the wines from Catena Zapata. From the [More]

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