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Drink More White Bordeaux (Please)

I gotta take my own dang advice. I’m complicit, too, in spacing on these killer wines. How long has it been since I had a back-to-back salvo of white Bordeaux? It’s tough enough to get anyone to drink red BDX let alone white. One of my all-time favorite wines happens to be a white BDX: [More]

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Chateau Cantelaudette Bordeaux is a Merlot Showcase

One of the many nice things about going to free tastings at wine shops is getting to try something you normally might not come across. Like a Bordeaux with a ubiquitous, old-school label on it. Enter the Chateau Cantelaudette. It was being poured at Dandelion Wine and I ended up taking a bottle home. Why? 2014 [More]

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Red Obsession: A Conversation about Bordeaux, China, and Culture

I intended this post to be a review of the documentary RED OBSESSION (and one will be forthcoming). It concerns one of the most talked-about topics in the wine business: the rise of China in the international market and its penchant for top-flight Bordeaux. These wines cost thousands of dollars per bottle, and are being [More]

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A Wine Tour of Bordeaux via Instagram

Created with flickr slideshow.Hey do you want to see 137 pictures from my wine tour of Bordeaux? I didn’t think so. So here’s a slide show of only 18, with all of the photos filtered via Instagram. I figured it would be a fun way to cull the herd down to a manageable amount that [More]

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What Do You Call An 18 Liter Bottle of Wine?

Of all the things I learned in Bordeaux, none was more important than what you call an 18 liter bottle of wine.

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The Tiniest of Shrimp with Star Anise and White Bordeaux

Nothing cures jet lag like a glass of White Bordeaux and a bowlful of very, very tiny shrimp with star anise. My first afternoon in Bordeaux on a media trip sponsored by Planet Bordeaux was spent gathered round a kitchen counter at Chateau Saint Barbe. It sits a (literal) stone’s throw from the Garrone river: [More]

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To Bordeaux: Wine, Markets, Bicycling, and Boat Rides

I’m leaving shortly on a media trip to Bordeaux sponsored by Planet Bordeaux (the Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur Vintners’ Association). This will mark my first time in Bordeaux, home of arguably the most famous, collectible, and valuable wines in the world. But this is just a fraction of the wine produced in Bordeaux. I’m looking [More]

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Checking in on the 2000 Chasse-Spleen Bordeaux

I had forgotten about a bottle of the 2000 Chasse-Spleen Bordeaux I had squirreled away at my Mom’s house in Reno. (Thanks, Mom!) It was my most successful find from a day of scavenging liquor stores in Reno for overlooked gems. Probably the first thing you’re thinking is, “Why is there spleen in my wine?” [More]

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