Palate Journal: Art Meets Food via Imagery, Imagination, and Illustration

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Many of you will know I have been a long-time fan of The Bookery Cook. It’s a wonderful website and stupendously cool cookbook brought to you by three Australian sisters: Jessica, Georgia, and Maxine. (The latter I met while leading a food and wine pairing seminar at the International Food Blogger Conference. There’s even a video of my presentation.)

So now the work of this trio of food and art-focused siblings has evolved, refining everything The Bookery Cook into a new venture. Please watch the video on Kickstarter regarding PALATE Journal. It’s only a minute long, has a great soundtrack, and the concept is really awesome. This clip gives you a great flavor (or should I say flavour?) for the artistic and culinary collaborations you’ll find within. If you are moved to find out more, click on the link just below. (But please don’t dilly-dally; the campaign is in its final days.)

Palate Journal: Explorations in Food and Form

I’m really fond of this Sugar-Cured Ocean Trout with Beetroot and Pistachio Cream dish. What’s cool is in this photo you see the final dish atop an interpretive illustration by Inès Longevial. Maxine was kind enough to send me an issue (along with an actual letter, which was really lovely…thank you Maxie) in the post. Besides the recipe for this dish and the artwork, there’s also cool interviews with each collaborator. For instance, I found out three things Longevial’s kitchen is never without: lemons, avocados, and cilantro.

sugar cured ocean trout

If you were to make this dish for me, I’d sure like to drink some cider with it. Or maybe some rosé, either still or sparkling.

And did you know I’ve been featured on The Bookery Cook not once but twice? I am a lucky dude. It’s now under PALATE Journal, but still totally awesome. (DUH.) I answer many questions, including:

Has Champagne Ever Saved Your Life? (Plus My Feelings on Superfluous Garnishes)

Which Wines When? (A Guide to Wine for Parties of Any Occasion)

I look forward to future editions of PALATE Journal and hope you will, too.

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