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Wine Anxiety, Anti-Juiciness, and Wanton Vintage Disregard

I wouldn’t characterize my friend Amy Pennington as having wine anxiety. First of all, I’m no doctor/sommelier; it’s probably illegal for me to make such a diagnosis. But she certainly is able to articulate questions and concerns that enthusiastic, regular wine drinkers have when they are confronted with miles of shelves crammed with wine. Which [More]

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Cooking for One Got You Feeling Down? Blue and Alone in Your Kitchen?

Cooking for one totally blows, right? You’re living in a world of recipes that feed 4-6, and would benefit from a loving partner who could peel potatoes while you ready the roast. Or at least keep your dang wine glass full while you prepare them a lovely, heartfelt, sensual feast. DESPAIR NOT! Why do I [More]

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A Spirited Day at Finnriver Farm and a Wine to Match

My first day at Finnriver Farm was full of hard work (well, for a soft-handed city boy) but very rewarding. I’m already fond of the chickens and their unbridled enthusiasm for being fed. And during morning egg collection (some of them still warm), I was surprised at how many I gathered even though winter production [More]

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